Fathers Day Wishes From Daughter [2017} | Best Father & Daughter Wishes

A Father is a biggest gift from God. we are able to say that our quality friend is a father. Father’s Day is the celebration for expressing your emotions for your father, love along with your dad. Happy Father’s day is well known in all over the world. all of the daughter are doing different activities for making their father happy and smiling.. Father is a precious member of our family.

Happy Fathers Day Wishes, Fathers Day Wishes From Daughter, If you are looking for these wishes then you are at correct and accurate place. Listed below are the best Fathers Day Wishes from Daughter 2017.

Top Happy Fathers Day 2017 Wishes From Daughter

Happy Fathers Day Wishes From Daughter
Happy Fathers Day Wishes From Daughter
  • To a father growing , nothing is dearer than his daughter. – euripides.



  • Being a father,I was enable to say anything to my daughter. Fatherhood has taught me approximately unconditional love, and taught me the way to be a better person. Happy Fathers Day!



  • Each girl would not be a queen to her husband,
    But she is surely a princess to her father. Happy fathers Day!



  • I am writing it to you on Happy father’s day. i can’t deliver it to you because you’re in heaven, however i will place it under my pillow hoping i dream of you.Happy fathers day!

Fathers Day Wishes For Daughter

You have watch my love
You’ve seen me crying
And continually you had been there with me
I won’t have always said it
but thanks, i really like you
Happy Fathers Day.

fathers day wishes from daughter

  • I was thinking that my mom put it good. She stated, ‘Little women melt their daddy’s hearts.’ Happy Fathers Day 2017



  • Sending oceans of father’s day wishes to you my Dad. I love you with all my heart!


  • I am not ashamed to say that no man I ever met was my father’s same, and that i never loved another man as I am loving my father. – Hedy Lamarr

Happy Fathers Day 2017 Wishes from Daughter
happy Fathers Day 2017 Quotes from Daughter

Happy Fathers Day 2017 Messages

Fathers day wishes from daughter
Fathers day wishes from daughter

Happy Fathers Day Greetings for Wife

  • Brilliant and awesome moments we have got spent together
    Considering you father brings relaxation into my mind
    Awesome moments has passed.
    I really like father dearly
    Happy Fathers Day 2017.



  • A father is constantly making his baby into a little lady. And when she is a girl he turns her again again. – Enid Bagnold



  • Fathers, be good and happy to your daughters.
    you are the god and the owner of her hearts. – John Mayor
Fathers day wishes from daughter
Fathers day wishes from daughter 2017

A dad is someone who
holds you when you cry,
scolds you when you are breaking the rules,
shines with pride while you be successful even in papers :p,
and has faith in you even while you fail…


  • lifestyles is more beautiful when you tell me i’m the motive you never want to leave this, i like you and that i want dad a Happy Father’s Day.
    Fathers Day wishes from Daughter 2017



  • Dad, you are someone to look up to even how tall i have grown.



  • I’m able to’t tell you what you suggest to me, you’re my World Best father. :o.


Fathers day wishes from daughter
Fathers day wishes from daughter 2017
  • There’s something like a line of gold thread while he talks to his daughter, John Gregory Brown



  • In the future of every successful daughter is a in reality amazing dad.


You are the pillar of strength and fountain of knowledge to me, my Dad.



Your guiding hand on my shoulder,
Will continue to be with me all the time.
thank you for always being there Papa.


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Happy Fathers Day Messages {2017} | Fathers Day Messages From Wife & Son

Hello friends and visitors of this Happy Fathers Day Messages post welcome to here. Are you searching for Fathers Day Short, Text & Card Messages 2017 then you are at very right place.

Father’s Day 2017 is just around the corner! if you‘re looking high and low Fathers Day Cards & Gift Messages recall that greeting card filled with Inspirational messages of affection and thanks to the father. http://FatherDay2017.com has prepare best and significant Father’s Day messages which help you to appreciate your Dad.

Happy fathers Day Messages
Happy fathers Day Messages

Happy Fathers Day Messages From Wife To Husband

Life has given us a family, a happy home, and love for every other. Mostly, it has given us each different. I am so thankful to have you in my life ever as my husband. Happy father’s day.


  • You are so filled of love, and energy. we need a strong hand of guide in our family, you’re there for guiding us. I really like you for being who you are? and for all that you do. Happy father’s day to a brilliant husband and father of my children! Fathers DAY Greetings Messages
Happy Fathers Day Messages
Happy Fathers Day Messages From Wife and Daughter


  • In the future is not enough to honor how special of a father you truly are due to the fact you are high-quality every day months. Thank you for all that you do. I like you and love you very much!


  • You have provided to our child’s a person to respect, respect, and honor. Happy Fathers day to my loving husband!
Happy Fathers Day Inspirational Messages
Happy Fathers Day Inspirational Messages
  • Happy father’s day to the man of my deep heart, the father of our children, the love of my life and eyes. I like our relatives and i love you!

Happy Fathers Day Messages For Your Father 2017


  • Dad. You’ve got me the high-quality love in family: it shows, your care, and your love. I am definitely thankful to have you in my life forever. Happy father’s day to you!




  • Thanks for performing like a kid while i was a child my father, performing like a pal after I wished a pal, and performing like a magical Lamp when I wished one. You’re the excellent man. Happy father’s day



  • Dad. the time and distance may additionally separate us, your love, advice, and love has stuck with me through all of it and these.. I’d not be who i am nowadays without you. Enjoy your day Dad! .



  • The older i am getting the greater i realize how important and vital role it is to have a dad such as you. You have given stability in my lifestyles and the affection that i needed.Happy father’s day!



  • Happy father’s day to my hero. Thanks for the whole thing you have got carried out for our family. We like you with all our hearts.

Fathers Day Greetings, Messages & Cards Printable & Homemade Fathers day Cards Download

Fathers Day 2017 Greetings Cards: Hi friends if you are looking for latest and best happy fathers day 2017 sayings/wishes cards 2017 Fathers Day 2017 Greetings Cards then you are at correct place. You can download these and print these for your father as a small gift packet. Here we are providing you free fathers day cards, free funny fathers day Ecards, free printable fathers day cards, free animated fathers day Ecards, father’s day card ideas, happy fathers day card, fathers day cards Pinterest, funny fathers day cards and many more thing for fathers day 2017.

Fathers Day Greetings Card 2017

printable card:Father’s Day Advice greeting card

fathers day greetings cards
fathers day greetings cards

Father’s Day 2017,
so go
capture all you want!

For as
a intelligent man
once again

Inside Verse:

I’m not napping,
I’m just resting Father
my eyes!

Enjoy your Happy Fathers day!

Best Fathers Day Greetings Messages 2017

fathers day greetings, messages
fathers day greetings, messages 2017, happy fathers day funny greetings

The older i get the more I recognize how crucial it’s far to have a real fathersuch as you. you have given me stability in my life and the affection and reputation I needed. happy Father’s Day!



  • They are saying that I appear to be more of you, We fixed a leaking pipe or two; We built the fence and trip to our motorcycles, You shout a cheer each time. You’re the good dad on this entire wide world! happy fathers’ day, my beautiful, careful dad!


fathers day greetings

  • This Happy Father’s Day 2017 Greetings Messages, why don’t you do something truly good? I surprise all who says you’re predictable! include your Largest respect! properly, You care me properly my father. Wish you happy father day 2017.


fathers day greetings cards
fathers day greetings cards
  • I suppose God knew what he turned into doing when he chose you as my dad.



  • He knew i would need a person which is affected, clever, smart, hard worker and loving to help me in growing my self. Happy Father’s day!
fathers day greetings 2017
fathers day greetings 2017
  • I couldn’t inform you each day how thankful i’m that you are my lovely father.


  • It’s now not due to the fact i don’t need to. Parents love. Happy fathers’ day!



  • Fathers day gave me the chance to express my feelings and love

Happy Fathers Day Printable / Homemade Greetings Cards

Happy fathers day greetings cards
Happy fathers day greetings cards 2017 from son


Happy fathers day greetings cards
Happy fathers day
funny greetings cards


Happy fathers day greetings cards
Happy fathers day cards for bf and gf


fathers day greetings messages
fathers day greetings messages


fathers day wallpapers
fathers day wallpapers


Happy Fathers Day Greetings Messages Cards
Happy Fathers Day Greetings Messages Cards


homemade fathers day cards
homemade fathers day card

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Fathers Day Card Ideas 2017 | Funny Happy Fathers Day Cards | Printable Cards

Happy Fathers Day Cards Ideas: Month of june is around us what does its mean, its mean that Happy fathers Day is coming.Fathers Day Card Ideas 2017

If you are looking for some best Happy Fathers day Cards Ideas that you are at right post, we are providing the collection of fathers day cards, fathers day creative cards ideas.Fathers Day Card Ideas 2017

Fathers Day Card Ideas 2017

Spell Out Fathers day Cards

fathers day cards ideas
fathers day cards homemade

This card name is “SPELL OUT” it is for those who are looking for something good for surprising the dad in right way. Try giving this cards when your father is coming from the door ah-mazing. And if you don’t want to decorate Fathers Day Card Ideas 2017  simply pack it into an envelope.

“Color Me Dad”

fathers day funny cards, funny fathers day greetings
fathers day funny cards, funny fathers day greetings

The card name is “COLOR ME DAD”. That is shown from cards name that it is the highest factor in the ranking on fathers day smile. The kids can also customize the fill in the blank section with their own choice.

A Cool Pop

fathers day cards ideas
fathers day funny cards, funny fathers day greetings

This card name is “A COOL POP”. The card is pretty simple to make at home, And you have also all supplies at home (like paper, pen, etc)

Snappy Father’s day

fathers day ecards
fathers day ecards

This card name is “SNAPPY FATHERS DAY” lovelly kids that make your photo are here. Everything you need to make a card we spotted it onto this. Have the photo turned into a mug.

Wheel of Choices


happy fathers day 2017 card ideas
happy fathers day 2017 card ideas

This card name is “WHEEL OF CHOICES”. This Fathers Day printable card from Julep is prepared for them to spin the wheel of choices lists and determine just what they want maximum for Father’s Day 2017.

Happy Hero Day

fathers day card and ideas
fathers day card and ideas

This card name is “HAPPY HERO DAY”. Hero is a man in which all the powers are emitted. So grand and fathers are nutshell. That can be used as a gift to show your dad how much you loves him.

Spiffy Sayings

happy fathers day cards ideas
happy fathers day cards ideas

This card name is ‘SPIFFY SAYINGS”. Bow-tie card is a keeper, mainly when you are taking a picture of your little one keeping it and flip it into a gift or Fathers new screen saver. This is a perfect DIY card for the fathers day.

Wrap Up

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Happy Father’s Day Poems 2017 | Best, Short & Inspirational Fathers Day Poems

Hello: Happy Fathers Day 2 all my friends. Are you looking for fathers day poems for your fathers to celebrate this day well, then you are at right place here we are posting best, short, & inspirational Happy fathers day poems. Fathers day is celebrated on the third Sunday of the June, this year it will be celebrated on the 18th of June 2017.

fathers day poems
fathers day poems from daughter

Let us celebrate the happy fathers day with the most beautiful & incredible Happy fathers day poems. W have published the top collection of fathers day poems

Happy Father’s Day 2017 Poems # The Best Poems

A father is usually a hero for his kids. he’s that person that causes you to win your goals. he’s continuously give with all his steering and efforts and stand by you the least bit the days of your life.Happy Fathers Day Poems

As Father’s Day is coming as you know very well., build an poem to form this present day a unforgettable one for your father. Spent your valuable time with your father. A family trip could be a nice plan to form this Fathers day stand out from your routine. If one cannot get gifts or pay cash, there are the opposite best ways that to specific the love for him, through happy father messages and Happy fathers day poems.

Here some extraordinary poems which can instantly bring a smile on your fathers face. we have a tendency that created all the work simple and instant for you. All you’ve got to try and do is forward this to him and prompt him that you simply love your father and this fathers day is special for you.

Best Fathers Day Poems From Daughter

  • God took the strength of a mountain,
    The loftiness of a tree,
    The warmth of a summer sun,
    The calm of a quiet ocean,
    The generous soul of nature beauty,
    The comforting arm of night in winter,
    The knowledge of the ages,
    The power of the eagle’s flight in sky,
    The joy of a morning in spring,
    The faith of a flavourer,
    The patience of eternity,
    The depth of a family want,
    Then God combined these qualities,
    When there was nothing additional to feature,
    He knew His masterpiece was complete,
    And so,
    He called to as it … Father! Happy Fathers day 2017

Happy Fathers Day Poems From Son

fathers day poems


  • Perhaps we’ll never perceive one another.
    Loving does not imply that we tend to agree.
    If that were thus, then i’d say, why bother?



  • But there area unit things i do know i will ne’er see.
    I’m certain your heart is aware of what i do not however know:
    The pain of warm a  son;



Best Poems For fathers


  • The anger, returning quick and building slow,
    Of being helpless to manage someone.
    You want love that I develop right,
    But you recognize what right is, and that i still do not.
    I have to find out to things for my father,


  • And if I follow yours, well, then I will not.
    I’m compassionate the anger within the air;
    Though we want to fight, my love is usually there i call him dad.

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Happy fathers Day Quotes From Daughter

Fathers Day Gifts

Famous Quotes For fathers day

Fathers  Day Quotes From Wife

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Happy Fathers Day {2017} Poems & Quotes From Daughter To Dad | Fathers Day Poems

Happy Fathers Day Poems Quotes & From Daughter To Dad: Hello Friends all my brothers and sisters Happy Fathers Day 2017 to all my friends and post readers.O this I am gonna to share  Fathers Day Quotes From Daughter To Dad and  Fathers Day Poems From Daughter To Dad.

Happy Fathers Day is celebrated in all over the world honoring fatherhood and motherhood and the intense of her and his in child’s life. Happy Father’s Day celebrated on the third Sunday of June in Canada, United Kingdom, India, South Africa, and many other countries with the full excitement. It is being celebrated on first Sunday of September in Australia & New Zealand. In more countries it is celebrated on 3rd Sunday of June. In 2017 Fathers Day will be celebrated on 18 June. Then my friends enjoy the best & latest collection of  Happy Fathers Day {2017}  Poems & Quotes From Daughter To Dad | Fathers Day Poems

happy fathers day 2017
happy fathers day 2017

So share this best collection of Fathers Day Quotes From Daughter To Dad, Fathers Day Poems From Daughter To Dad with your family relatives on social media like Facebook, twitter.

Fathers Day Quotes From Daughter To Dad:

  • My dad carried an overlaid in his wallet for a considerable length of time. whatever point I got focused on, he would take it out and instruct me to check it. About a year, he kicked the bucket, he gave me the card to keep. He said he didn’t require it any longer from now. It stated, “Don’t sweat the little stuff. What’s more, it’s all little stuff.

  • Happy Fathers Day to that person who is always nearby to me and in my heart forever where ever I will be you are watching us.

  • Parenthood or Fatherhood is not a matter of wealth its the matter of love, desire an many more things.


Fathers Day Gifts & Ideas 2017 | Homemade Fathers Day Gifts 2017

Happy Fathers Day Gifts Ideas: Mark this special day date in your calendar. Its going to fathers day 2017. Happy fathers day is considered lenient of two parents. if you visit here by searching homemade father’s day gift ideas, father’s day gifts from daughter, father’s day gift ideas Australia, US, birthday gift ideas for dad, father’s day gift ideas for kids, things to do on father’s day, gifts for dad from daughter, fathers day craft ideas then you are at  right place because here we are providing the latest and new ideas to give a gift to your Dad’s. You can also Check easy father’s day crafts for kids, homemade birthday gifts for dad from daughter, last minute homemade birthday gifts for dad, last minute father’s day gifts, father’s day gifts from daughter, gifts for dad from toddler son, father day gift ideas from daughter, homemade birthday gifts for dad from toddler.

Top 5 Fathers Day Gifts & Ideas 2017

 Ray-Ban Tortoise Wayfarer Sunglasses:

Fathers Day Ideas For Gifts

A Leather Wallet:


Fathers Day Gifts From Son
Fathers Day Gifts From Son

A Pilot Watch:



happy fathers day gifts
happy fathers day gifts

A Smart Android Phone

fathers day smart phone gifts
fathers day smart phone gifts

Cacao Nib, Hazelnut & Pink Peppercorn Dark Chocolate Bars

fathers day gifts ideas
fathers day gifts ideas

Fathers Day Gifts

You father may be worry about you get smile on his face by gifting this fathers day chocolate. These chocolate bars are very tasty they transport him to very places just with one bite. To buy: $25 for three, food52.com.

Timex Striped ‘Weekender Fairfield’ Watch

fathers day gifts and ideas
fathers day gifts and ideas

The naked arm never look too good, you can make it good by yourself by giving this water resistant watch that comes with too many features & nylon band. It does not matter if it is rugged type. It becomes in daily life.To buy: $48, amazon.com.

Famous Fathers Day Quotes 2017

Funny fathers day quotes

Nice Fathers Day Poems


The above gifts you can easily buy for father from Amazon, Snapdeal. Your living place does not matter a lot you can just select product Online by paying required payment from Credit Card.

3 Best Homemade Fathers Day Gift Ideas 2017

Fathers Day Card

fathers day cards
fathers day cards


29+ Famous Fathers Day Quotes, Wishes, Poems & Sayings 2017

hello there again. Are you struggling to find out some of the best & famous fathers day quotes, wishes, poems, messages, sayings then you are very right place.. We have posted the best famous fathers day quotes, sms especially for you.

Hey do you wanna surprise your fathers by these charming fathers day quotes then you are right post to achieve all the things for your father that has made you and show your highest gratitude level.

As the fathers day 2017 is coming so we have compiled the list of images for fathers day and quotes.

Famous Fathers Day Quotes 2017 – Messages – Sayings – Poems – Wishes



Famous Fathers Day Quotes - Messages - Sayings
Famous Fathers Day Quotes – Messages – Sayings
  • When a father gave to his son both laugh, but when  a son gave to his fathers both will cry.



  • It is old tradition to send wishes and poems to their love ones on any special occasion well now you have to select these wishes and poems for fathers to celebrate this day very lovely.


fathers day quotes
fathers day quotes
  • A father is always making his new young one into little women but when she becomes women then father want to turn her back to early stages.



  • The quality of father can be seen in his activities caring focusing, duties. That he sets for his family



  • Its too easy for fathers to have chid but for child it is difficult to have father alive.Pope John XXIII


fathers day images
fathers day images
  • As she was old she must missed her daddy. Happy fathers day love quotes


Send the wishes to your father from anywhere sms.

  • The greatest gift god had gifted me I call him dad.



  • I don’t need anything from god except my fathers life.



  • Dad your guiding hand are always on my shoulder.
famous fathers day quotes
famous fathers day quotes


  • The most important words in the family is love.



  • I gave my father $200 and said that bought something good for you he bought me a T shirt.


  • Hey fathers you are the God of your daughter as well as family.

Happy Fathers Day Essays & Stories

  • Happy fathers day to that father who work hard for me i am his professional daughter and my brother is his best son he is doing his best for us. thanks dad for all the work you  have done.


  • Fathers day sayings are the best way to celebrate fathers day. Fathers are eligible for that as he knows because of ourselves and we also know his choices.



  • One day i was walking on the road accidentally I strike to a car when I saw driver in the car he is my father he say sorry but i said that was my luck that i strike with your car.


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Fathers Day 2017 Quotes, Poems & Messages From Son, Daughter And Wife

Happy Father’s Day 2017 Quotes, Messages, Sayings from Son and Daughter: Hey friends are you finding the best & nice Fathers Day 2017 Wishes, Poems & Messages From Son, Daughter And Wife then you are at right place. We fathersday2017 are publishing best wishes & poems from son & daughter for your fathers day. You will be glad when you read out the post.  Father’s Day poem and everything about Father’s Day 2017.

fathers day 2017

Happy Father’s Day 2017 Quotes, Messages, Wishes, Poems from Son and Daughter

  • My father gave us the greatest gift that he believed on us.



  • In our house fathers day is every day, mothers day too, we celebrate fathers and mothers day everyday because our parents taught us that respect us.
15 Best Happy Father's Day Greetings, Cards, Ecards
15 Best Happy Father’s Day Greetings, Cards, Ecards


  • Fathers be good and nice to your daughter, because god has gifted you a honor on these.


  • Fathers taught me that, son quality of father can not be measured.


  • Happy fathers day wishes from son, wife, & husband, fathers day quotes from son & daughter


  • One father is more intelligent than hundred school teachers


  • Without my lovely dad i can be here anymore


  • My brother does not want government job he goes staraight as fathers say.


Poems For Fathers Day # Top 10+

  • The most important thing in the family is fathers day and mothers day


  • The love of father is just like a sky you cant touch it but it exists.

Happy fathers day wallpapers

  • I am not much special for father but i loved them and they knew this love.



  • My father always says that it is not too late to do anything you want to be.


happy fathers day inspirational quotes
happy fathers day inspirational quotes for girlfriend
  • He also say what can you accomplish you never know until you try.


  • I don’t like a girlfriends my dad say never love those who not love back

happy fathers day 2017 sms

Happy fathers Day Sayings 2017

  • For all the love and care that fathers does for us is just is equal to god’s love that he does always.


Fathers are most eligible person for his child as well as for best society .


  • God has chosen my father as a national superhero he did it.


for all the moments shared,
for all the joys you brought to me,
for all the things you taught to me,
You have always made me glad / happy.
  • The father who does not taught his cool son his duties is equal to the guilty with the son who neglects them



Remember those school days when i was hot from coming school my father bought me the col cold ice cream which was full of taste of my fathers hands. love you dad. fathers day messages


mothers day wishes & poems 2017


  • My father is like a gold when it shines everything is shines but when it is not shine how everything can be shine.


fathers day 2017
fathers day 2017 wishes, poems, quotes, sms, messages, songs, from son, daughter, wife
  • I am currently not with you but I want to tell you that I really miss you father. happy fathers day wishes


  • A father is a guy who replaces the CURRENCY from his wallet with the best pics of his family photos.

Have you like Fathers Day 2017 Quotes, Poems & Messages From Son, Daughter And Wife. share these quotes and wishes with your fathers. you can also get free fathers day cards just print these and gave your father on this fathers day 2017. Fathers loves you but how you know that. You must try these tricks to happy your father. You father might be angry with you but he does not want to tell you that Son or daughter that i am angry with you.

Mothers Day 2017 Wishes, Poems, Messages, | Wishes, Poems For Mothers

Hello friends, as we all know that Mothers Day is falling on 14 May, 2017. This is the greatest day for all the mothers in the universe there is doubt. Every man can live without someone but he cant live without his mothers. Our mothers are our backbone. She cares us, she cook food for us even she get fever.happy mothers day wishes, mothers day quotes helps us to make smile smile on our mother face.

I am feeling very happy to write such post which is about mothers day sayings 2017, mothers day cards.  The mothers day is great for us to celebrate. From giving birth to our death she feeds us, praying for us. Without our mothers prayers we can not got success in life.

We must respect our mothers because he do all things for sake of our happiness.  Mothers day wishes are coming soon, and this is celebrated with full excitement and love. Here we have the best collection of mothers day wishes 2017 for your lovely mothers.

Happy Mothers Day Wishes 2017


mothers day quotes & poems
Happy mothers day wishes, mothers day quotes, mothers day 2017 greetings, mothers day sms, mothers day messages

Not doubt mother is greatest gift from the god ever, which is filled of love and happiness.


mothers day wallpapers 2017


  • My lovely mom smiles each day this only not make us happy but also give the power to face the difficulties.



  • If you are mother then you must know that every mother has twice thoughts one for her and second for her child or daughter. happy mothers day 2017


happy mothers day wallpapers, pictures
happy mothers day wallpapers, pictures
  • Mothers gave us the power to handle the most irritate moments of life each and every day.



  • One of the most best gift, and painful time travelling has the opportunity to see my mother alive.
mothers day quotes
mothers day poems, sayings
  • I wish that all the mothers of the world live long and healthy life happy mothers day to all.mothers day wallpapers 2017, mothers day pics, mothers day sms.


  • I want to thank to my mother that she has done all for me and keep doing.


You are the evidence of your mother love, as she always maintain her sanity.


  • Thanks God for gifting me a such lovely, loyally mother wish you happy mothers day.


  • Mom i am lucky to inherit your eyes which are full of humor.


  • Please appreciate all the work of the mother that she has done for you even when you find yourself doing same work for your children.


  • Growing does not mean that you are bigger now. No you are still a child for your mother.


  • Mothers day love does not need any boundaries as it grow each day.


mothers day essays in english
mothers day essays in english
  • Mothers kisses have the magic to steal the the all wounds from our body. happy mothers day pictures.


  • There is no teacher which is equal to mother.


  • Our mothers worked hard and compromises to get comfortable our life.

Happy Mothers Day Quotes 2017 | Heart Touching Mothers Day Quotes

If mothers are not in our lives we will lost. We can not do anything.


A mother understand what the child want to be.

happy Mother's Day quotes funny


On this great mothers day and every day also that has passed i thank to you God for this precious gift. I call him mother.


You can see that i was in love of your mother, there is no one carry her place