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Hello friends, as we all know that Mothers Day is falling on 14 May, 2017. This is the greatest day for all the mothers in the universe there is doubt. Every man can live without someone but he cant live without his mothers. Our mothers are our backbone. She cares us, she cook food for us even she get fever.happy mothers day wishes, mothers day quotes helps us to make smile smile on our mother face.

I am feeling very happy to write such post which is about mothers day sayings 2017, mothers day cards.  The mothers day is great for us to celebrate. From giving birth to our death she feeds us, praying for us. Without our mothers prayers we can not got success in life.

We must respect our mothers because he do all things for sake of our happiness.  Mothers day wishes are coming soon, and this is celebrated with full excitement and love. Here we have the best collection of mothers day wishes 2017 for your lovely mothers.

Happy Mothers Day Wishes 2017


mothers day quotes & poems
Happy mothers day wishes, mothers day quotes, mothers day 2017 greetings, mothers day sms, mothers day messages

Not doubt mother is greatest gift from the god ever, which is filled of love and happiness.


mothers day wallpapers 2017


  • My lovely mom smiles each day this only not make us happy but also give the power to face the difficulties.



  • If you are mother then you must know that every mother has twice thoughts one for her and second for her child or daughter. happy mothers day 2017


happy mothers day wallpapers, pictures
happy mothers day wallpapers, pictures
  • Mothers gave us the power to handle the most irritate moments of life each and every day.



  • One of the most best gift, and painful time travelling has the opportunity to see my mother alive.
mothers day quotes
mothers day poems, sayings
  • I wish that all the mothers of the world live long and healthy life happy mothers day to all.mothers day wallpapers 2017, mothers day pics, mothers day sms.


  • I want to thank to my mother that she has done all for me and keep doing.


You are the evidence of your mother love, as she always maintain her sanity.


  • Thanks God for gifting me a such lovely, loyally mother wish you happy mothers day.


  • Mom i am lucky to inherit your eyes which are full of humor.


  • Please appreciate all the work of the mother that she has done for you even when you find yourself doing same work for your children.


  • Growing does not mean that you are bigger now. No you are still a child for your mother.


  • Mothers day love does not need any boundaries as it grow each day.


mothers day essays in english
mothers day essays in english
  • Mothers kisses have the magic to steal the the all wounds from our body. happy mothers day pictures.


  • There is no teacher which is equal to mother.


  • Our mothers worked hard and compromises to get comfortable our life.

Happy Mothers Day Quotes 2017 | Heart Touching Mothers Day Quotes

If mothers are not in our lives we will lost. We can not do anything.


A mother understand what the child want to be.

happy Mother's Day quotes funny


On this great mothers day and every day also that has passed i thank to you God for this precious gift. I call him mother.


You can see that i was in love of your mother, there is no one carry her place








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