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Are you looking for some best, short & nice Happy fathers day poems & sayings then you landed at right place. We  are publishing the best fathers day poems and sayings. Pick up one best poem for your father on this fathers day.

These fathers day poems are special for daughters son & wife to happy their fathers. You can also quote these poems and share with your uncles, Grandpa.

Happy Fathers Day Poems

fathers day superhero poems
fathers day superhero poems


F = Faithful

A = Always present

T = Trustful

H = Helper

E = Energy

R = Right Person

Poem 1

You never say Goodbye to me

You never say that I m alone

Yo never let me alone

And only may god knew that

In life I am in loved of you

In death I am still loving you.

Happy fathers day wishes, poems

Poem 2
fathers day poems
fathers day poems and sayings

God has taken the strength of a mountain

The hotness of a summer sun

The sleeping of birds

The soul of beautiful nature

The comforting of bed in cold night

The faith of a mustard plant and tree

The power of eagle

Poem 3
happy fathers day poems
happy fathers day poems

My dad and mother are cool

He know me very well and all my habits

Before my speaking he knew all the ideas of mind

My dad and i like to play together

Really want to build a plane

Or just to setup a window plane

Poem 4


Me and my father know the our scores

In every game we play

When my father give it a try

He fails too many times

Me and my dad go swimming too

Each year but sometime i think twice

My dad and I do every thing.

My dad is really nice.

Happy fathers day   poems

Happy fathers day greetings & sayings 2017

Happy fathers day poems

Poem 5

Many years ago

As we growing up

We are crying for father

In the garden by walking

He would listen me but may be not

I am waiting for her

Top Best Happy Fathers Day Sayings With Images 2017

A father is someone who look you  up even how tall you grow.

fathers day sayings 2017
fathers day sayings 2017

Dear loyally dad I may find my prince someday but you will be my king.


My father do not tell me that how to live in this world, he lived and ask me to follow him.

fathers day sayings quotes
fathers day sayings quotes
  • Life is just a gift from the God, Do respect your parents.


  • A father want to make his new baby into little women, when she become a women in reality then he wanted to make him into baby




happy fathers day sayings, poems,
happy fathers day sayings, poems, from wife, husband
  • With the passage of time he or she realize that may be his father was right mostly sons consider their fathers wrong.


The fathers love can be seen in the goals, support not only for himself but also his entire family.


  • When my hand is not in fathers hand then my back is.
happy fathers day poems
happy fathers day poems

When I was young I thought that my father is super man but as well as I grow up I realize that he  is not  a superman he just wears a cap.

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